Citronella Plant Care Instructions

You can use an organic compost, or make your own miracle gro solution! Citronella will scorch and wilt in full sun, especially.

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Weeds are fast to grow and can smother small plants.

Citronella plant care instructions. Citronella geranium is mostly popularly known as the mosquito plant due to the belief that it wards off these insects because of its fragrance. In the garden, choose a lightly shaded spot that gets good light for most of the day. Even though they require up to six hours a day of sunlight, it doesn’t necessarily require direct sunlight.

Regularly weed the soil around the plants. Quite hardy in nature, the mosquito plant is a great addition to your home, especially if you’re a fan of citrus aromas. Although research has determined that the claims by commercial growers of this plant 's amazing ability to repel mosquitoes are exaggerated, the scent may be a mild.

Keep the soil very moist and ensure that planting temperatures are between 60 to 80 degrees fahrenheit. I’ll talk more about it below. Plant citronella grass 24 inches apart to give them room to spread.

Caring for a plant can be tricky. Harvest your mature citronella plants from 10 to 15 cm above the ground, leaving the plant roots to regrow. If you expose it to direct sunlight for the majority of the day, you’ll need to water the plant more often.

To avoid any hassle, we’ve compiled all of the basic requirements such as soil, light, humidity, and many more. Water your citronella geranium well after you plant it and keep the soil moist but not soggy. You’ll need to know the basics in order to keep them healthy enough to use in your home.

Another name you may hear is scented geranium, which comes from its aroma. Once planted, caring for citronella is pleasingly easy. The mosquito plant isn’t all too picky in terms of the soil that you choose.

In cooler regions, it does best on a sheltered verandah, and will even do well indoors. Outside the plant is fairly drought tolerant. Plant as soon as the ground has warmed and all danger of frost has passed.

Improve the quality of soil used in the pots by mixing compost manure or other rich organic matter. One of the most crucial aspects of plant care, especially evergreen perennials, is watering. Control insects such as scale with insecticidal soap or a combination of canola oil mixed with it.

Admittedly, growing mosquito plants from seeds is not the easiest or most straightforward process. Also, be sure the plant will receive six to eight hours of sunlight. Plant your citronella in a deep pot if you’re growing it in a container.

Take these into account and you’ll have a thriving citronella on your hands! While citronella isn’t invasive because it doesn’t reproduce through runners as some grasses can, it does spread out readily and can crowd out other plants. Citronella plant are natural mosquito repellent citronella plants features:

Of soapy water is the correct proportion. Citronella will grow best in moderately rich, moist soil. The first thing to keep in mind if we want a citronella plant in our garden is that the best time to put it there is in spring.

Fertilize with a high nitrogen plant food once each month to keep the leaves green. How to care for a citronella plant. Once you got it in the ground, citronella isn’t too demanding.

Because citronella does not bear cold temperatures well, it is advisable to transplant it to a pot in autumn and keep it inside, safe from frosts, making sure that it receives as much light as possible by placing it by a. Unfortunately, that’s just a myth. Give your citronella plant a nutrition boost every 2 weeks.

Care for the citronella plant, like many other plants, requires no less than six hours of sunlight per day. The plant is a perennial herb that … citronella geranium (mosquito plant) care: See more ideas about plants, citronella plant, gardening tips.

If growing the plant outside, make sure it is an area that will allow the plant to grow to 3 to 4 feet tall and wide in a warmer climate or up to a foot tall in a colder climate. However, once you have them growing happily in your container or out in the garden, then caring for them gets easier. Citronella plants belong to the pelargonium genus of about 280 species of shrubs, perennials, and succulents.

Citronella grows well outdoors in most climates, but doesn’t like cold. One of the most beautiful aspects of the citronella plant is that it is able to survive in shade, as well as direct sunlight. Select an area for the citronella plant that features full sun or partial shade.

They also take valuable moisture and nutrients away from plants. Similarly, if you’re keeping the plant indoors, the dry air might make the citronella grass dry out faster. How to plant and grow citronella climate.

Choose a pot that has plenty of drainage holes at the bottom. One tablespoon of oil to 1 qt. There are a number of useful tools that help you to keep your garden neat and weed free.

As citronella grass is naturally found in humid regions, it requires a lot of water. Citronella needs to live in warm climates.

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