First off, I’m going to preface this blog by saying that I have no guarantee that house values will increase or decrease or am advocating for or against real estate investment as an investment strategy. I’m also not a licensed investment expert and will at no time give advice on different security or investment options. For any long term investment strategies please make sure to contact your licensed financial planner or accountant.

That being said, are you tired of wondering where your money is going and what may be happening with that monthly investment you put in each month? Are you tired of wondering what magic word our Fed Commissioner may blast out which may cause your hard earned investment to lose 10%? Well I might suggest another possible investment alternative being a refinance of your current mortgage from a 30 year mortgage to a 15 or 20 year fixed mortgage.

This is one sure way some people can earn a very healthy return on a monthly investment with little risk. For some of which, are at certain interest rates on a 30 year mortgage they can earn a substantial return on their investment with little risk by refinancing that 30 year fixed mortgage into a 20 year fixed or 15 year fixed mortgage. Today, if a person has a loan amount above $275,000 and below $417,000 they can do a “NO COST” refinance with interest rates of 3.875% (3.875 APR) for the 20 Year Fixed Mortgage and 3.5% (3.5 APR) for a 15 Year Fixed mortgage. This is assuming their credit scores are above 750 and you do have 20% equity in your home.view more detailed information at

If we assume that a person today has a 30 Year Fixed Mortgage with an interest rate of 4.875% and they were looking for a 100% secure way to invest on a monthly basis while at the same time earn a very high rate of return, my first suggestion would be to look at changing that mortgage to a 15 year fixed or 20 year fixed mortgage. Yes, they would pay more on a monthly basis. However, that “forced savings” will be compounded while paying down their mortgage.


Now this doesn’t take into account that a person may be 2 or 3 or 4 years into a 30 year mortgage. If you would like to see what your balance difference would be or what type of rate of return it would be for you to refinance to a 15 or 20 year mortgage call mortgage brokers today and they can very quickly run those numbers for you!!